Firefighters Practice Mayday Situations

April 10. 2018 - Firefighters arrived at the station Tuesday night for their weekly drill. This evening, firefighters received a brief lecture on "Declaring a Mayday", and then practiced several evolutions within 2 scenarios.

A Mayday is the known term meaning - help is needed immediately.

The first scenario, firefighters masked themselves out and followed a hose line through various obstacles. The purpose of this scenario was to encourage firefighters to work through the troubles, but declare a mayday when needed. The evolutions also involved firefighters using their radios to transmit the Mayday and give a LUNAR (location-Unit-Name-Air-Recourses) to command.

The second scenario was a team effort involving a victim search in the basement, followed by a collapsed stairwell trapping them inside. Firefighters had to use radio communications to declare a mayday, and then receive updates from IC with useful information as to how to escape. A basement window prop was built for this scenario forcing firefighters to work together to locate and self-extricate.

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