Firefighters Attend Somerset County Live Burn Training

April 21, 2018 – Allamuchy Firefighters headed down to Somerset County Fire Academy for training in their Class A - Phase 5 - Live Burn building. Structural wood framework was built into burning sections of the building for firefighters to train with as-real conditions as the state allows. With the framework set, firefighters were faced with real smoke, active fire, flashover conditions, search and rescue operations, and search & rescue within active fire rooms.

There were 3 training evolutions set: 1. Active room-in-content fire on 2nd floor with residents unaccounted for; 2. Active fire on the first floor with residents trapped on the 2nd floor; 3. Active basement fire with residents trapped in the basement.

In addition to Allamuchy Fire, Allamuchy-Green 1st Aid Squad attended the drill as well. Due to the high heat conditions and the physical conditions firefighters were needed to make, the squad was there to observe and be prepared for any medical condition a firefighter may face.

Firefighters concluded their training at around 11am.

A big thanks to the Somerset Fire Academy instructors for some amazing work and training evolutions, as well as 95 rescue for watching over us.

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