Allamuchy RIC Team Trains on Newly Built Pittsburgh Drill

February 27, 2018 - The Allamuchy Fire Department has an elite team of firefighters trained to rescue one of their own, in the event a MayDay is called by a downed firefighter.

This Tuesday night, Allamuchy Firefighters built the The Pittsburgh Drill. This drill was developed by the staff of Rapid Intervention Training Associates (RITA) to teach RIC team members to work as a team. The obstacle course is 50 feet in length with three (3) separate obstacles (under/over/through).
The first obstacle is a low profile opening, the second is an A-frame, and the third is a 10-12 foot tube. A hose line is stretched from the entrance of the course through all 3 obstacles to the firefighter (victim) at the end. The victim is a simulated downed firefighter (a 150lb dummy in full gear, SCBA, and facepiece).

Each team is made up of 4 members. Participant's face pieces are covered to simulate zero visibility. Each team must maneuver through all three (3) obstacles to access the victim then work to bring the victim back through the obstacle course while on air.

The drill is terminated after 20 minutes regardless of where the victim is in the course. The importance of the Pittsburgh Drill is not in completing the course 20 minutes or less, but rather to make the team work together while in an effort to enhance / sharpen their RIT rescue skills. All 4 teams were able to complete the exercise in less than 15 minutes.

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