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Firefighters respond to MVA during Santa Breakfast

December 8, 2019 - During our annual Santa Breakfast, the fire department was dispatched for an MVA on Route 80.  Firefighters were quick to respond and found a single vehicle MVA in the route 80 west scenic overlook area.  The car took the exit to quick and lost control, launching it over the on-ramp and into the wooded barrier.  No injuries were noted and…


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Firefighters Respond Mutual Aid to Blairstown

November 4, 2019 - At around 9pm, Blairstown Hose Company was dispatched to a reported structure fire. Upon confirming an active garage fire, they called in the first alarm bringing multiple agencies.…


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Firefighters tackle another car fire on 80

October 23, 2019 - At around 4am, 91 Fire and 95 Rescue were alerted for as possible vehicle fire on Rt80 west, mile post 21.3. Upon arrival of 91-60, a fully involved car was located in the median of the rest area. First due crew from 91-61 stretched its front bumper pre-connect and quickly extinguished the vehicle. All units were clear and available…


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Allamuchy wins first place at Sussex County Parade

October 5, 2019 - Another great event for our tanker.... Taking 1st place at the annual Sussex County Fireman’s Association Inspection Day Parade!  Congratulations to these guys! …


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Allamuchy takes 1st Place for Best In-Service Apparatus at Blairstown 250th Anniversary Parade

September 21, 2019 - Blairstown Township held their 250th anniversary parade and community day Saturday afternoon.  Parades involving out of town fire departments are open for judging for numerous categories, and Allamuchy Tanker was entered into the running.  After days of cleaning and prepping, firefighters brought the tanker to the parade for judging. …


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Allamuchy assists Blairstown Fire at House Fire

September 10, 2019 - At around 2pm, Allamuchy Fire's Rapid Intervention Crew was requested into Blairstown for the possible Structure Fire.  While members went responding, firefighters from Blairstown was arriving on scene to find a deck fire with extension to the structure.  Firefighters from Blairstown and surrounding departments were able to quickly knock…


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ATFD conducts mask confidence training drill

September 10, 2019 - Tuesday night in Allamuchy is drill night, and for this weeks drill, firefighters donned their gear and packs, and made their way to their newly renovated mask confidence room.  Firefighters had to black themselves out (cover their masks), and while following a hose line, search for a downed firefighter.  When the firefighter was located,…


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Firefighters knock out car fire off 80

August 21, 2019 - At around 2pm, firefighters were alerted for a possible car fire in the rest area of rt 80 East. While in route, dispatch advised that a DOT worker was on location confirming a fire.  Engine 91-61 arrived minutes later to find a well involved car fire.  Firefighters stretched the front bumper pre-connect to begin extinguishing the blaze. …


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Firefighters Battle Working Tractor Trailer Fire

July 11, 2019 - At around 2:50am, firefighters were alert for a possible vehicle fire in the rest area of Rt80 west. As the first due engine was in route, it was confirmed that there was a working fire at the location and that it was a tractor trailer.  91-60 was first to arrive on location, confirming the fire and requesting an additional tanker to the scene…


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Passerby keeps victim calm after MVA till help arrives

On Friday, June 14th at about 11:30am the Allamuchy Fire Department and Allamuchy-Green First Aid were alerted for an MVA with injuries. 

Prior to the alert, a member of the fire department happened to stumble upon the incident and immediately pulled over to render aid.  As the fire department was being dispatched, firefighter Adam Jones was assessing the scene to help both the patients and fire personal arriving on scene.

In addition to Adam, a passerby was also on location…


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Firefighters get certified as extrication technicians

May 14, 2019 - Allamuchy Fire Department covers miles of roadway within Allamuchy Township, including 10 miles of route 80. Unfortunately form time to time, we get dispatched to rather serious accidents, and some of which involve entrapment's.…


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2019 Officers take their positions

The Allamuchy Fire Department’s fire officers were sworn into duty last night under Mayor Rick Lomonaco at the Township’s Inaugural Resolution reception.

For 2019, your Allamuchy Township Fire Officers are:

Chief David Berkenbush

Asst. Chief James Bessemer

Captain Phil Garcia

Lieutenant Mike Rafferty…


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Allamuchy Fire Responds to Harmony Twp with Tanker

Allamuchy Firefighters were alerted around 12:15am for request of their tanker to a house fire call in Harmony Township.  Firefighters quickly responded to station to take the tanker into Harmony for the working fire. 

Harmony Township firefighters were initially alerted for a chimney fire at the same address.  First due units found an interior wall and…


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Firefighters practice extrication with simulated drill

November 13, 2018 – Two vehicles donated to the fire department were used in a training exercise involving 3 victims. Allamuchy firefighters conduct several extrication drills per year and this last extrication drill of the season had a few curve balls thrown in.  Overall, firefighters came together to work as a team and completed the drill…


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Open House at Allamuchy Fire

October 9, 2018 - On Tuesday night at 6pm, Allamuchy Firefighters hosted an open house for the residents of Allamuchy to learn about fire safety and fire prevention.  Over 60 kids attended the open house this year, bringing their parents, grandparents, and…


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Centenary Students of AFC 100-G Class of 2022 Volunteer with Allamuchy Fire

October 6, 2018 - On Saturday morning, the Allamuchy Township Volunteer Fire Department had the pleasure of working with some of Centenary Universities Freshman Students. During the event filled morning students learned about basic fire prevention methods, had the opportunity to try on some firefighting gear, checked out some of the tools, and washed a couple of our…


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Firefighters Conquer the Warrior Dash

August 25, 2018 - Allamuchy Firefighters took to the mud at their annual attendance of the St. Jude’s Warrior Dash.  The 5k obstacle course is at the Pocono Speedway where firefighters work together to conquer the course.  The 13 obstacles are a challenge in themselves, and they benefit firefighters because they target different muscle groups that firefighters use on everyday…


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New Air Bottle Fill Station Put in Service at Allamuchy Fire

It’s with pride and pleasure that the Allamuchy Township Fire Department announces the replacement of our cascade system – a system used to refill firefighters air bottles.  The previous unit has been outdated for…


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Firefighters Experience Smoke Explosion at Allamuchy Structure Fire

June 1, 2018 - Shortly after 8pm Friday night, Allamuchy firefighters were alerted for a reported structure fire on Oakcrest Drive.  Chief Rick Lomonaco was first to arrive confirming an active deck fire with extension to the structure.  The crew on first due engine 91-61 quickly stretched a line to the front door to attack the blaze that worked its…


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Firefighters Attend Somerset County Live Burn Training

April 21, 2018 – Allamuchy Firefighters headed down to Somerset County Fire Academy for training in their Class A - Phase 5 - Live Burn building. Structural wood framework was built into burning sections of the building for firefighters to train with as-real conditions as the state allows. With the framework set, firefighters were faced with real smoke, active fire, flashover…


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