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Established in 1983, we have been protecting Allamuchy Township and Interstate 80 for over 25 years. Comprised strictly of all volunteers, the Allamuchy Township Fire Department covers a response area of approximately 20 square miles and serves a population of approximately 4,000.

Our response area includes mainly residential structures along with office buildings, a mall, numerous large farms, 6,965 acres of Allamuchy Mountain State Park, and roughly 15 miles of       Interstate 80, a 3 - 4 lane highway which approximately 56,000 vehicles travel daily.

Your current fire officers:
Fire Chief - James Bessemer
Asst. Chief - Rick Lomonaco
Captain - Michael Rafferty
Lieutenant- Jason Zatorski
2nd Lieutenant- Matthew Malejko

Your current admin officers:
President - Phil Garcia
Vice President - Rick Lomonaco
Secretary - Adam Jones
Treasurer - Ryan Durling

Thinking of becoming a member?
If you are interested in helping your community, we would like to provide you with the training and equipment needed to become a valuable member of our Fire Company. Membership is open to males and females, ages 18 and over. We are also looking for Junior Members, ages 15 - 17.  Why Join?....  PRIDE - HONOR - RESPECT - BROTHERHOOD.  If interested in joining, please stop by the Allamuchy Fire House, on Alphano Rd, any Tuesday night between 7 and 9pm.

Help us, help you!

Allamuchy Volunteer Fire Department is looking for new recruits! Become a member today

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