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Established in 1983, we have been protecting Allamuchy Township and Interstate 80 for over 25 years. Comprised strictly of all volunteers, the Allamuchy Township Fire Department covers a response area of approximately 20 square miles and serves a population of approximately 4,000.

Our response area includes mainly residential structures along with office buildings, a mall, numerous large farms, 6,965 acres of Allamuchy Mountain State Park, and roughly 15 miles of Interstate 80, a 3 - 4 lane highway which approximately 56,000 vehicles travel daily.

Your current fire officers:
Fire Chief - James Bessemer
Asst. Chief - Rick Lomonaco
Captain - Michael Rafferty
Lieutenant- Jason Zatorski
2nd Lieutenant- Matthew Malejko

Your current admin officers:
President - Phil Garcia
Vice President - Ryan Durling
Secretary - Adam Jones
Treasurer - Jon Ross

Thinking of becoming a member?
If you are interested in helping your community, we would like to provide you with the training and equipment needed to become a valuable member of our Fire Company. Membership is open to males and females, ages 18 and over. We are also looking for Junior Members, ages 15 - 17.  Why Join?....  PRIDE - HONOR - RESPECT - BROTHERHOOD.  If interested in joining, please stop by the Allamuchy Fire House, on Alphano Rd, any Tuesday night between 7 and 9pm.

Want to be part of the Auxiliary?
The Allamuchy Township Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary is seeking new members. If interested in learning more and what we do, please stop by our firehouse on a Tuesday night to get details. 

Help us, help you!

Allamuchy Volunteer Fire Department is looking for new recruits! Become a member today

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